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Mattress Shampoo Cleaning

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About Upholestry Shampoo Cleaning

Our home’s upholstery is something that we come into contact with every single day. Yet for many of us, upholstery cleaning is something we never think to do.
One reason may be simple ignorance—we avoid upholstery cleaning because we don’t know what it is. Here at Always Clean LLC, we take upholstery cleaning seriously. If you’re not certain what upholstery cleaning entails or if it’s right for you, we’ve got all the answers you need.
Upholstery is the fabric and padding that covers your furniture—sofas, love seats, arm chairs, ottomans, stools, and more are all covered with upholstery fabric.
Upholstery cleaning (as you might expect) is the process of cleaning the fabric that upholsters your furniture. But the process is more difficult than it might sound at first.

For one thing, upholstery is often made up of relatively delicate natural fabrics like cotton. For another, most furniture doesn’t let you just remove the upholstery to run it through the washing machine. Upholstery cleaning requires special equipment and know-how.

First, upholstery is inspected to make note of any tears or other damage. Then, the fabric is vacuumed, conditioned, rinsed, and vacuum dried. Another method is with hot-water extraction, also known as “steam cleaning.”

Again, this all occurs with specialized equipment—don’t try a DIY job with a shampoo bottle and a regular vacuum cleaner. You’ll be sorry you did.

Like we said before, upholstery cleaning is best left to the professionals. While you can rent cleaning machines from many hardware or appliance rental stores, we don’t recommend it. Professionals have access to better equipment and more experience using it.